Client: Hills Golfklubb
Hills Golfklubb is renowned for its stunning natural setting and challenging professional golf courses.
In 2021, when they acquired the neighbouring club Torrekulla GK, they realised it was time to refresh their brand image. That's where The Compadres stepped in to help. After reviewing their existing material, we crafted a new graphic profile for the club with a proud and slightly cheeky color palette, complemented by lively swinging assets that added a sense of energy and playfulness. We also designed a brand-new website that seamlessly integrated the new visual elements, creating a more cohesive and engaging online presence for the club
 and gave their logo a modern touch-up. Additionally, we produced a vast array of materials such as welcome letters, social media posts, etc. to ensure their new brand image was consistent and impactful across all channels.
Copy and strategy - Lisa Stoopendahl 

Webdesign - Emma Lilja
Art direction - Me

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