Client: Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet - 
Ett hav av historier

During my tenure at The Compadres, I had the privilege of collaborating with Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet, a historic institution in Gothenburg that had been closed for several years for renovation. It was a momentous occasion when the museum finally reopened, and our team was fortunate enough to create a series of animated short films that illustrated significant events that took place on the ocean.

Our team produced three films in total, each depicting a distinct aspect of history. The first film explored the Swedish colonization of Congo, while the second focused on the East India Company. The final film delved into the massive emigration from Sweden to America. Given the distinct subject matter of each film, we employed unique visual languages and styles to effectively convey each story.

Additionally, we developed four interactive stations that offered a more immersive experience for visitors. The first station delved into the various professions onboard boats throughout history, while the second explored the ships and interior of the Swedish American Line. The third station highlighted Sweden's attempted colonisation efforts, and the fourth station was a quiz about common diseases that plagued sailors on long voyages.

The team devoted significant time to research and sketching to ensure that each area we explored was approached with the appropriate tone and style. It was a challenging and rewarding project that we were proud to deliver to the museum and its visitors.
Target group:
Middle school students
Motion graphics - Johan Persson
Script - Johanna Börnell
Art direction and illustration - Me
The Colonization of Congo
The East India Company 
The Emigration to America
Interactive screens
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