Client: Malmö Stad


This project began as my bachelor's thesis, where I created a comprehensive introduction to Malmö for tourists, titled "Marvellous Guide to Malmö." After pitching it to Malmö Stad they commissioned me to reshape it slightly so it could be distributed to those who have just moved there. In collaboration with the city, I transformed the existing map into a warm and inviting introduction to the city, which is still used and distributed to newcomers today.
As the sole designer and writer for this project, I took charge of all aspects of its creation, from concept development to final execution. I designed eye-catching illustrations, curated a visually-pleasing layout, and crafted engaging copy that conveys the city's unique character and highlights its must-see attractions.
It's a privilege to know that my work has helped new Malmöiter feel more at home in Malmö, and I take great pride in my role in shaping the city's welcoming culture.
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